Are you ready to get yourself out of your old, maybe junky current car and into a better one – more suited for your needs, a better make/model or simply a better car?

You have a lot of options on where to take your current car, and the choices you make will directly affect the quality of your next car. Your choices are far and wide: take your car into a dealership, sell it yourself, or find an alternative route like Cash.Car.

While trading in your vehicle at a Wake Forest dealership may seem like the best option to get you into your new car quickly – you can both buy a new car and get money for your current car there, you more-than-likely won’t be getting the most money for your trade-in. Instead, choose to sell your trade-in to a car buying service like Cash.Car to get the most bang-for-your-buck. Here’s why:

Why Sell Your Trade-In to Cash.Car for More Money

1. We don’t have an inventory of cars, ready to sell to you.

Our business, unlike car dealerships and car salesmen, isn’t to sell cars. Our business is to buy yours. So, we aren’t thinking in the back of our mind, “How much can we make off of this transaction?” We are thinking about how much your car is actually worth, without holding any back for ourselves. At the end of the day, all a car salesman cares about is getting the vehicles they have off the lot and into buyers’ hands. It’s all about the profit they make off of the cars they currently have.

They don’t really want your current car, so they will make sure to give you less than what you deserve. This way, they can ensure that they make the top dollar off of your vehicle, not that you get the top dollar for your vehicle.

2. We aren’t going to resell your car, so we’re not worried about profiting off of your vehicle.

At Cash.Car of Wake Forest, NC, we’re simply a car buying service. We in no way resell your vehicle or have any vehicles to sell you after the fact. We’re not middlemen, so we don’t have to worry about profiting off of your car, and therefore, holding you back from some of the profit. You’ll get the most for your car by selling your car to us, because we don’t have to worry about that.

When you trade-in your car, truck or SUV to a Wake Forest dealership, you’ll be getting less, since they will have to put money into the resale of your vehicle. It’s not the best deal for them to give you any money for your car, especially if it’s highly used. So, they won’t give you the best deal for your vehicle. They will only give you as much as what makes them come out on top.

3. By separating the selling of your car from the buying of your next, you’re in control of the profit you deserve from your current vehicle.

It’s hard to get the most money on your current vehicle if you’re not in control of the deal. When you take your car to a dealership to trade in, you’re losing control. Car dealerships rarely, if ever, give out cash offers. Why? They want to make sure they’re in control of what you do with the money from your trade-in.

At Cash.Car, we want you to be in control of the money you receive from the sale of your current car, not the other way around.

4. You’ll have more money to put down on your next vehicle.

When you separate the sale of your car from the buying of your next, you’ll automatically have more money to put down on your next vehicle. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to put down on your next vehicle, but regardless, you’ll have a greater profit because you didn’t let the purchase of your next car affect how much money you got from your current – a mistake many people make, simply because it’s easy to do both at once. However, it’s not more profitable to you. It’s more profitable to them.

5. You’ll be able to do whatever you want with your money.

At a car dealership, you won’t get a cash offer, you’ll just be getting a new vehicle. They are choosing how to spend your money. If you only wanted to put down half of your offer on your new vehicle, they likely won’t give you a check for the other half. They’d rather just talk you into doing it their way, and you’ll likely walk out less satisfied than if you had full control over the profit from your current vehicle.

6. It’s fast, simple and convenient

While selling your car at a dealership is also simple and convenient, it is certainly not fast. You will be waiting and filling out paperwork for hours. In addition, the convenience factor is not convenient for your wallet.

By working with Cash.Car to sell your car, you will have to also find a place to purchase a vehicle, but we make it as simple and convenient as possible by meeting you at the location and time that suits your schedule best, no matter where or when. When we meet up with you, our Wake Forest car buying expert will inspect and appraise your car, and we’ll write you a check immediately. You can then do whatever you want with it: immediately go buy your dream car, put part of it down on your next car or use it for something else. Either way, you profit.

Get the Scoop on Selling Your Car to Cash.Car

If you’re not quite ready to work with Cash.Car in the selling of your current car, we have a ton of information on our website to get you comfortable with working with our team of professionals at our Youngsville, NC car buying service. Browse through our Sell Your Car page to get more info about our car selling process, check out our About page to get the details on who we are, view our Resources page for useful resources for selling your car (no matter how you do it), check out Testimonials from our previous satisfied customers in Wake Forest and the surrounding areas, click through to the Meet Our Specialist page to get info on our top car buying expert, Grant, and our How It Works page to get the nitty gritty details on what working with us is like.

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