When you’re ready to trade-in your car, truck or SUV for a new or better one, the obvious choice is to hit up your nearest car dealership and let them do all the hard work. They have a huge inventory for you to choose from, and you can both sell your car, plus get a new one – all at the same time.

Unfortunately, like in life, what’s easiest isn’t always best. Although trading in your car, truck or SUV at a dealership near Wake Forest may seem like the best option for you – especially to fit into your busy schedule, it’s definitely not the best choice to get the best offer for your vehicle.

If you want to get the most money for your trade-in, you’ll need to do a few things that will make a world of difference, in the end:

How to Get the Best Offer for Your Trade-In

1. Don’t go to a car dealership to sell your car.

Car dealerships are worried about one thing: profit on vehicles sold. Your trade-in spells out only one thing in their mind: risk. They know that they need to take your car in order to get you to buy a new vehicle, so they will do the trade-in. However, what they won’t tell you is that they are keeping you from the best offer on your trade-in because of the risk associated with keeping your old vehicle on-hand.

Unlike car dealerships in Wake Forest, we don’t sell new or used vehicles. Cash.Car of Youngsville, NC, right outside of Wake Forest, only buys cars. By doing so, we can give you the best offer and the top dollar on your car, truck or SUV – no matter the year, make or model. We’re not secretly considering how much we can resell it for or how much we need to profit off of you, in order to come out ahead. It’s all about you and your current vehicle, which is why we have so many satisfied customers across Wake Forest, Raleigh, Henderson, Durham and Chapel Hill.

2. Separate your trade-in from your new vehicle purchase.

When you go to a dealership with a car to trade-in, they automatically will give you less money than if you asked for a straight up offer on your current vehicle. If you decide to try and get an offer from a dealership, don’t tell them you have a trade-in. Trade-in dollars are different than cash, and if they won’t give you a cash offer, don’t work with them. You will always receive less than what your car is truly worth.

By working with Cash.Car, you know you’ll get a cash offer every time, and it will beat the competition’s almost every time. When you work with Cash.Car, you can separate your trade-in from your new vehicle purchase by first meeting up with our expert appraiser and getting your offer, then receiving your check in-hand that day that you can convert to cash immediately. You can then take that cash to any dealer or person selling a car and put down all the money you want to on it. You’ll have more money to put down, and you’ll get a better car because of it.

3. Don’t give in to less-than what you deserve.

Car dealership salespeople will try to convince you to trade your car in for a new one, and they will sway you with flashy vehicles and “great deals that you can’t get anywhere.” You have to stay strong and not let them talk you into something that you don’t want. You have to go into it knowing that trading your car in for one at a dealership is not going to produce the best offer, no matter how convenient or easy it may seem. You are losing out on thousands of dollars that you could be putting down on your next vehicle, so always remember that.

Make sure to get multiple offers on your car, truck or SUV in Wake Forest, and it will help you with bargaining power, wherever you decide to sell your car. At Cash.Car, we always offer a cash offer, so you can take that mojo to the dealership. Tell them you will not accept anything less than a cash offer, even if you decide to not separate your new car purchase with the selling of your old car. Once you get your cash, wherever it may be, then you can put the money down on your new vehicle – however much you want. You should be in control of your profits, not a dealership. And they will take control, no matter how sweet they make the deal out to be. They will be coming out on top, and it shouldn’t be anyone but you who gets the most out of your car.

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