When you are ready to sell or trade-in your car, truck or SUV, you have many choices how you can do it: a car dealership, yourself, or through a car buying service like Cash.Car.

Since selling a car yourself is usually a huge hassle – requiring excess documents, posting ads and lots of extra time, most people choose to go to a car dealership. It always seems like the easiest route. But at Cash.Car of Wake Forest, we want to show you that the route that seems easiest isn’t always the best.

There are many benefits to selling your car to Cash.Car vs. at at dealership. From the convenience to the top dollar offer and everything in between, here’s why you should choose the Cash.Car car buying service to sell your car, truck or SUV to, instead the traditional route of at a car dealership.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to Cash.Car vs. a Car Dealership

1. Top convenience

Selling your car, truck or SUV at a dealership is convenient, but selling your car to Cash.Car is the most convenient. Since we are a mobile car buying service, we will come to you at the most convenient location to you to inspect and quote your car, truck or SUV. Day or night – we work around your busy schedule. When we come see you in whatever city you live in: whether you’re in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Henderson, Durham, Chapel Hill, another city in Wake or Franklin county or somewhere else, one of our professionals will quickly inspect your car and write up an offer for you. If you are satisfied with the quote given by one of our trained professionals, we will give you a check that you can cash that same day. How convenient is that?

2. We offer cash, on-the-spot

Car dealerships rarely ever give cash offers and purposely avoid them, but not Cash.Car. We are known and cherished by our current and past customers for our on-the-spot offers, and our customers can easily cash the check we write them that day to do whatever they want with. Whether you want to go buy a new vehicle, pay down debt or make a purchase you’ve been wanting for a while, our cash-on-the-spot offer is ideal for anyone selling their car. We don’t force you into purchasing another vehicle with us, like a dealership. It’s just a good, old fashioned pay day for you.

3. You aren’t locked into purchasing a vehicle

Car dealerships want you to trade-in your vehicle. They don’t really want your old car, because it’s not very profitable for them, since they are focused on selling cars. For those ready to get a new vehicle immediately, it may seem like the best and most convenient option to sell their car, truck or SUV at a car dealership. However, even though it may seem like an easy and convenient option, car dealerships make you trade in your vehicle, so they can get more of your money. They are focused on their profit, not yours. At Cash.Car of Wake Forest, NC, we are focused on getting our local customers the top dollar on their current vehicle, not selling another one to you to hide how much your current car is really worth. We give you all that your car is worth currently, and that’s the way it should be.

4. We give you the most bang for your buck

Since we don’t have a huge inventory of cars, trucks and SUVs we’re trying to sell you for your current one, we give you the best offer – guaranteed. Traditional car dealerships in Wake Forest hide the fact that they are focused on making a profit on you, so we can easily beat their offers almost every time. At Cash.Car, we’re so confident that we’ll give you the best offer that we encourage you to get offers from both us and a car dealership to see who gives you the best offer. We know we will win nine times out of ten.

Learn More About Selling Your Car to Cash.Car

Do you still have questions about working with Cash.Car to sell your car, truck of SUV? Our website is full of useful information to help you feel comfortable about the car selling process. Check out the Sell Your Car page to learn more about the car selling process, the About page to learn more about who we are and what we do, our Resources page for helpful resources for selling your car, Testimonials from our many satisfied customers in the Wake Forest area, Meet Our Specialist to learn more about our car buying expert, Grant, and our How It Works page to get the details on how working with us works.

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