When you’re ready to sell your used car, SUV or truck, you have a lot of options, and it can be overwhelming.

You could post it online to Craigslist, Facebook, and other websites and deal with the stress of getting the best deal and dealing with buyers in Franklin and Wake counties. You could take it to a local dealership to trade it in for a new one and deal with greedy car salesmen. Or, you could sell it to a car buying service like Cash.Car without any hassle or pressure of buying a new car from us.

It’s always easier to deal with professionals than trying to sell it yourself, so most people choose to either trade their car into a dealership or sell it to a company like ours. So what’s the benefit of selling your car to Cash.Car vs. trading it in a dealership?

Why Sell Your Car to Cash.Car vs. Trade It In at a Dealership

1. We don’t pressure you to purchase another car.

When you bring your vehicle to a dealership in Franklin or Wake county to trade in, the salesmen will make sure you do not leave the dealership without purchasing another car. It’s risky for them to take your used vehicle, and they need you to purchase another vehicle to offset the costs.

You’ll deal with pressure to purchase a vehicle outside your budget, and you’ll probably end up spending way more than you imagined for a trade-in. On top of that, you’ll probably get offered less than you originally planned on getting for your current vehicle.

At Cash.Car, we are simply a car buying service provider. We don’t have vehicles in stock that we’re ready to sell you, so all we’re focused on is getting you the best deal for your vehicle. It’s not about making an extra profit on another purchase. We’re truly on your side the entire time and are transparent throughout the whole process.

Even though it seems like a better option to both sell your car and buy a new one in the same place, at the same time, it is a much better option to sell your car to a company like ours then find a new car elsewhere.

2. We give you more for your vehicle.

Instead of behind focused on what we can make by selling you a new car in Wake or Franklin county, we focus on what your car is truly worth. Dealerships worry about the bottom line – how much money they can make off your car and off your new car purchase.

We won’t be re-selling your car to new buyers, so we can give you more for your vehicle. When you have the pressure of re-selling the vehicle like dealerships do, they have to worry about other factors in the process. Our deal is a one and done deal: giving you the best offer for your car. You walk away with cash in hand to put down on another car and use however you want, and we get your vehicle off your hands.

3. You’ll have more money to put down on another vehicle.

Even though it’s a two-step process: selling your vehicle to us, then purchasing another elsewhere, it’s 100% worth it. Nobody wants to be ripped off of money they could’ve gotten, but car dealerships don’t care about giving you 100% of what your car is worth. We do.

When you are ready to sell your vehicle at your convenient location in Franklin or Wake county, we give you all that your car is worth, and you can walk away with top dollar and the peace-of-mind knowing that you got the best deal for your car possible. Then, you can get the best car with your earnings.

4. It’s much more convenient – we come to you when you are ready.

Since we know that you might need to go car shopping after working with us, we make selling your car in Franklin or Wake county quick and easy, at your convenience.

All you have to do is fill out our online form or call us directly, and one of our professionals will meet you whenever and wherever is most convenient for you, inspect your vehicle, pick it up and write you an immediately cashable check. It can happen as soon as you’re ready, and we won’t pressure you into anything.

Experience the difference and get more for your vehicle today

Just because most people choose to trade-in their vehicles at local dealerships in Wake and Franklin counties, doesn’t mean they’ve chosen the best route. Choose the less-traveled route. Get more for your car and be able to buy a better car because of it. Don’t get pressured into getting less for your car or making a larger purchase than you originally wanted. Make selling your car about you.

Call us today at (919) 810-9983 or fill out our online form to inquire about your vehicle in Wake or Franklin county, and get the best deal for your car today!