The Cash.Car Difference: Why Sell Your Used Car to Us

When you’re ready to sell your car in Franklin or Wake county, you have many choices: take it to a local dealership, try to sell it yourself, or use a car buying service like Cash.Car.

While selling your used car to a car dealership looks like the easiest and most convenient option, it is often the one that rips you off the most. In addition, trying to sell your car yourself through online ads can lead you down a confusing, frustrating path that takes up a ton of your time and causes you extra unnecessary stress.

Selling your car to Cash.Car is the best option possible. You get more for your vehicle, since we aren’t worried about reselling yours and making a profit off or you, and the process is quick and easy. Fill out our easy online form or call (919) 810-9983 to get a quote today!

Why Sell Your Car to Cash.Car vs. Car Dealerships

Unless a dealership is willing pay cash to purchase your Wake Forest, Raleigh, Henderson, Durham, and Chapel Hill trade-in without you purchasing a new vehicle, you will not be getting the best deal possible on the purchase of a new car.

To make sure you are getting the most money for your car, you must be able to separate the new purchase from the old purchase. If the dealership is not willing to pay you cash for your trade, ask them why not? They offered you that on trade-in, so what is the difference?

Dealerships don’t want you to know you are paying too much for your new car. They make so much money on new car purchases that they do not care what they give for your trade-in. That is why we ask you to separate your trade-in from your new car purchase.

At Cash.Car of Wake Forest, NC, We don’t worry about making a profit off of your new car purchase. We focus only on giving you top dollar for your current car. Even though you will have to look for a new car elsewhere after working with Cash.Car, you will be getting the most for your car, and you will have more money to put down on a new car.

Why Sell Your Car to Cash.Car vs. CarMax

While Cash.Car and CarMax offer similar services, there are two things that set Cash.Car apart:

1. Cash.Car will come to you.

Wherever and whenever is convenient for you, one of our specialist will be there. We understand you’re busy and don’t expect you to come to our location. While most of our customers are located in Franklin or Wake county, we can travel anywhere for you.

Relax, and let Cash.Car help you save time and money.

2. Cash.Car will pay more for your car.

CarMax is focused on reselling cars on their lot. The cars that they don’t want to sell at their locations are the ones Cash.Car will almost always beat their cash offer on.

We encourage you to get cash offers from as many people as possible and compare them. Look at the CarMax website, and if you don’t see cars that match yours, chances are Cash.Car will pay you more.

Selling Your Car to Cash.Car vs. Selling It Yourself

Selling a car yourself is a huge hassle, to say the least. Let a professional appraiser at Cash.Car take that burden off your shoulders. There is no need to deal with posting your car on Craigslist or Facebook to find local Wake Forest area buyers, waiting for a good offer to come in or dealing with all the stress that comes along with the process.

Here are some things to consider before you choose to sell your car, truck or SUV yourself:

1. You will need to have your title in your hand. Most buyers will only buy if you have the title.

2. It may take weeks or months to sell your car, and until you sell it, you won’t have the extra money as a down payment on another car. Having that money as a down payment on the new one will allow you to get a better deal with most lenders.

3. You are going to have to spend a lot of time trying to sell your car. It takes time to post your ad across the internet, answer phones calls, reply to texts, setup appointments, and meet prospective buyers.

4. It is often a huge hassle getting paid, especially if they finance the car. This is especially important, because there is a lot of fraud that occurs in these types of transactions.

5. People will want to test drive the car they are buying. Does your insurance cover this? Do you have to ride with them?

6. Safety is a big concern if you plan on meeting a stranger to see the vehicle and potentially exchange a large amount of money.

7. Warranty: What happens if the car breaks down right after you sell it? The buyers may try and come after you in court, even though they will not have much of a case. This is stressful and potentially expensive, if you need representation.

8. Your local Wake or Franklin county DMV needs paperwork to be complete upon purchase, so that you know the car is no longer titled in your name. What is your plan to ensure this happens?

Cash.Car will come to you, make you the best offer and you can go on with your day and have more money to put down on a new vehicle. Get started selling your car now!

Contact Cash.Car Today for the Best Car Selling Process Available

We want you to have the best experience selling your used car, truck or SUV in Wake or Franklin county and to get the best offer. Talk to our professional appraisers by calling (919) 810-9983 or fill out our easy online form today!

Once we get in touch, we’ll set up the most convenient time and place to meet you to inspect your vehicle, pick it up and give you a check cashable that day. It’s that easy! We are confident that we can get you a better offer than other dealerships or by selling it yourself.

We proudly serve Wake, Franklin, and Durham counties and the surrounding areas. Wherever you are, we will come to you.

We always recommend using as a resource to get the most cash for your trade. If that means you use our offer to get someone else to pay more: that is OK. If that means you use our offer to get more from the other car dealer: that is ok too. We are here to help you.